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#723 MONTES Habitational surname for someone who lived on or near a hill/mountain. Historically, surnames evolved as a way to sort people into groups - by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and even physical characteristics (like red hair). #19 JACKSON Son of Jack/John. #565 BEIL From the German bil meaning axe. #505 FLOYD From the Welsh Lloyd or Llwyd, meaning grey. Naples, FL. For a lot of partners and family, its habitual and unconscious. This norm is especially striking when compared with other patriarchal relics that have been eroding. #608 DAVENPORT Habitational surname of families from Davenport in Cheshire, UK. #1 SMITH A smith is a craftsman, and was used for as an occupational title for many different crafts. #649 CHASE Nickname given to a skilled huntsman. #330 MIRANDA Place name, meaning a family who had a great (physical) view or outlook. #938 SHEPPARD Occupational surname for a shepherd. From Scottish settlers to Portuguese migrants, America is full of diversity including in terms of names. The Japanese Tamio became Tommy for everyday usage. #780 McKEE From the Gaelic surnameMac Aodh, literally meaning son of the fiery one. #845 REILLY Gaelic name from OReilly, meaning son or descendent of Raghailligh. #458 DELACRUZ Literally translates to of the cross. #674 HUFFMAN Man/Steward of a farm. #758 MOON Either from the French word moun meaning a monk or someone who lives a monastic lifestyle, or from the Cornish word mon, meaning thin applied to a person who was skinny. #872 McCONNELL From the Gaelic MacDhomhnuill meaning son of Donald/Donal. O'Reilly 12. #750 WOODARD Contraction of Woodward meaning ward or caretaker of the woods. #339 GREGORY Possibly from Gregorian monks, literally means watchful, awake. #751 CORTES Courteous, refined. Hear ye! #341 SUTTON From the South. (S), or less than 100 total occurrences, were "Non-Hispanic Asian and Pacific Islander Only". #724 MATA Habitational name derived from a number of towns in Spain and Portugal. Walsh 5. Gharibian - The meaning of this Armenian patronymic name is "son of Gharib." "Gharib" is a Turkish word that means "stranger" or "impoverished person.". Because, until the 20th Century a 300-mile journey was taxing and time-consuming, the farther south one goes, the more likely it is the inhabitants are Catholic, or at least Catholic in origin. #990 BRANCH Possibly a habitational surname for someone from Branch, a land division in Wiltshire, U.K. or from Branches Park, a former country mansion in West Suffolk, U.K. #786 McINTYRE Son of the carpenter or craftsman. #807 HULL Either a habitational surname for someone who lived on or near a hill, or from the given name Hulle, which was a nickname for Hugh. #107 COLEMAN Son of Colum. Designed, directed, and managed high-quality marketing literature for medical education on procedures and products. #624 COMBS LIves near a small valley (cumb). #78 COX Occupational surname, a derivative of Cook Here are the facts and trivia that people are buzzing about. #42 ADAMS Family of Adam. Most were expelled from their homes on the Iberian Peninsula in 1492, when the Catholic monarchs of Spain issued the Alhambra decree. #108 BUTLER Occupational surname for a butler/wine steward. The Catholic surname appeared 100 times in the 2010 census and if you were to sample 100,000 people in the United States, approximately 0.03 would have the surname Catholic. King Manuel of Portugal made a similar order in 1497. Catholic schools are proud part of the fabric of American education and civil society. But no matter how popular, your last name is one of the most important ways to trace your identity and familial descent through the years! #934 RICHMOND Habitational surname from any of the towns in England or northern France with that name. #200 HAWKINS From the hawks place. Several of the names that rank highly on this list are also predicted to be among the most popular baby names this year. When two people with double-barrel last names have children, they each pass down the first of their two last names. #973 SIERRA Spanish surname meaning mountain range used for families living in or near the Galicia and Asturias regions of northern Spain. #454 GOODWIN Good friend. When Alcia Hernndez Grande, now a Ph.D. candidate at Northwestern University, got her drivers license as a teenager in Houston in 2004, she remembers that the DMV tried to split her last name, Hernndez Grande, into two parts. From the latin ramus meaning branch. #519 MOODY One of brave spirit. #281 FULLER Occupational surname for someone who washed cloth in the clothmaking process. #584 VALENZUELA Habitational surname from several places named Valenzuela in Spain. #377 McKINNEY Form of the Gaelic Mac Cionaodha meaning son of Cionaodha (pagan god of fire). This is as much a reflection of the conversations that couples haveor dontas it is a product of desk-clerk-level policies. #679 BOND Landowner who is bound by loyalty to the local lord. #745 SOLOMON Peaceful one, from the Hebrew Shalom. #536 HOGAN From the Irish O Hogain meaning descendent of gn. #495 NORMAN From the northern region of France. #910 DELAROSA From the family of Rose, or from an area where wild roses grew. By the 1400s, Anthony wrote, when surnames were more commonly passed down directly from parent to child, plenty of children took their mothers or grandmothers last name. #898 FARLEY Habitational surname for one who is from any of the many English towns called Farley or Farleigh. #272 HOWELL Anglicized form of the Welsh Hywel, meaning eminent. Certain surnames identify Irish Catholic ancestry, but don't establish a dominant genealogy. As they opt for an array of surnames, hyphenated or otherwise, they might shift the countrys norms too. Most likely an occupational surname for someone who made axes or used them (like a lumberjack). #981 GOOD Respected/good person. #334 LOWE Lives on or near the prominent, small hill. #554 BURNETT Descriptive surname for someone with brown hair (brunette). #899 BERNARD Bold as a bear. #58 EDWARDS Family of Edward #420 CROSS Locational for someone who lived near a crossing, or occupational for someone who carried a cross in church. #273 LI Chinese surname meaning Plum or Plum Tree. Robinson was the 20th most popular name in 1990 but fell off the list, as Latino surnames become more common. #901 FRIEDMAN Servant of god or friend. Moore 21. #734 SNOW Descriptive surname for someone with very pale skin or light blonde hair. #963 ANDERSEN Son of Anders/Andrew. #468 MACK Son of // Leaf Group Lifestyle. Bureaucratic roadblocks aside, many researchers suspect that the stubbornness of patrilineal surnames for heterosexual married couples relates to how they communicate about the issueeven when they discuss surnaming a child, theyre more likely to lean on tradition. #531 NORTON From the north town, north settlement. #189 NICHOLS Family of Nicholas. #258 OBRIEN Of the Family of Brien Aarons Aaronson Abadi Abate Abeles Abelman Abelson Abend Abendroth Aberman Abrahamson Abramov Abramovich Abramovitz Abramowitz Abramowski Abrams Abramson Abt Acker Ackermann Adamsky Adel Adelberg Adell Adelman Adelmann Adelson Adelstein Aderman Ades Adler Agar Agron Aguado Ahrens Akerman Akkerman Aksamit Alhadeff Alman Almen Almon Alon Alper #105 SULLIVAN Irish surname from descendant of Sileabhn (Little Dark Eyes) #325 BATES Son of Bartholomew. Literally means place of swans. #138 CASTRO Portuguese/Spanish surname meaning Castle. #81 WATSON Son of Walter. #959 MADDOX From the ancient Welsh male name Matoc meaning good fortune. Shafer pointed to data from an ongoing study by researchers at Princeton and Columbia Universities, in which 707 unmarried mothers in a survey of 3,624about 19.5 percentreported that they would not give their child the fathers last name. #315 NAVARRO Person from Navarre, France. Literally means moon. #310 CORTZ Person with manners. #327 CALDWELL Lives by the cold well. Catholic, like all of the names we have data for, is identified by the U.S. Census Bureau as a surname which has more than 100 occurrences in the United States in the Decennial Census survey. #719 WILKERSON Kin or son of William. #943 PARRA Spanish/Portuguese surname, meaning grapevine/trellis. Possibly used for someone who grew grapes or had a winery. #332 CRAIG Lives near the outcropping of rocks. #680 KANE From the town of Caen, in Normandy, France. Literally means oak. #693 PITTS Lives near a hollow or pit. #447 BLAKE White complected or white haired. #390 (73,522) Of Anglo-Norman French origin, this patronymic means "son of Gerald.". #450 BRADY Possibly from the Gaelic surname Mac Bradaigh son of the thief, or from the early English brad-eage meaning broad eye or someone with excellent eyesight. Sylmarie Dvila-Montero O'Doherty 16. #214 HUDSON Son of Hugh. #158 SIMPSON Son of Simon. Join the movement! #950 DONALDSON Son of Donald. Common Surnames in the United States 1990 - Behind the Name Common Surnames in the United States Home Common Surnames Information from the U.S. Census Bureau. Advertisement. #256 LAWSON Son of Lawrence #239 ORTEGA From Ortega, Spain. Literally means fern-covered clearing. #442 GARNER Contraction of Gardener or occupational surname for someone who was in charge of the storehouse (granary). #131 ELLIS Son or Famiy of Elijah/Elias #801 McLEAN From the old Gaelic name Mac gille Eoin, literally meaning son of the devotee of Saint John. #36 SCOTT From Scotland. Fitzgerald. The Surname Rodriguez: Its Meaning and Origin, Meaning and Origin of the Surname THOMPSON, The Meaning and Origin of the Last Name 'Morales', Meaning and Origin for the Surname "Cook", The Origin and Meaning of the Last Name, "Long", PALMER Surname Meaning and Family History, Certificate in Genealogical Research, Boston University. This was another common surname convention, which originated from a father's first name, and then "son" was added, as in Stevenson, Davidson, Robertson, or Richardson. Literally translates to the willow woods. #602 WILCOX Son of William. #313 JOSEPH He will add. Neil Burdess. #544 BALLARD Nickname for a person who had a bald head. It means "bright or fair," and its variations are Claire and Clara. Charles is an interesting surname recorded in a wide range of spellings, including Carl, Carlo, Carlos, Carletti, Karlowicz, and De Carlo. #269 DEAN From the valley. Phone: (904) 823-8707 or (904) 806-2131. One scholar has suggested that the shift could be tied to the end of the countrys one-child policy in 2015: Couples in a major developed city might give the fathers surname to the first-born child and the mothers to the second. #181 WARREN Lives near a warren/animal enclosure. #143 McDONALD Son/family of Donald Some of the most influential ethnicities that have changed the fabric of American family names include Spanish, Portuguese, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, and English settlers who arrived on North American shores and brought their familial nomenclature with them. Might go back to meaning campers on the river Legra. #312 SCHNEIDER Occupational surname for a tailor. Learn more about the mythic conflict between the Argives and the Trojans. #846 PENNINGTON From the town with a livestock enclosure. Anne Catherine Emmerich), and Lydia. #149 HENRY Ruler of the Home. Courteous. O'Connor 10. #255 CARR From an area of wet, rough ground Orientation. #514 COBB Nickname meaning lump or a short form of the name Jacob. #314 BARRETT Warlike person, quarrelsome. #646 ALLISON Unknown meaning, but possibly son of Alan. #390 REEVES Occupational surname meaning sheriff or local official. O'Connell 26. #271 ESPINOZA From the thorny area. Identification. We will also take a look at the background of some of the other surnames starting with M. 1.Mabel, (Anglo-Saxon origin) It originates from the Latin word Amablis. #476 FRANCO Person from France. #173 WAGNER Occupational surname for a wagon maker. #529 LINDSEY From Lincolnshire or Lincoln Island. I think you can say with a very high degree of confidence that unmarried parents are less likely to pass down the fathers last name, Emily Shafer, a sociologist at Portland State University, told me. Passing on a double last name the way my culture does, it was just going to be an administrative headache for my kids, she said. #736 PRESTON From the village with the priest. And the same patronymic system carried over into foreign languages, as well. Literally means lives by the stream that leads to the port or bay. #212 DUNCAN Irish surname from the Gaelic meaning brown chief. #329 LAMBERT From the bright land. #765 ROSAS Habitational surname for someone who lived near roses, or occupational surname for someone who was a florist or grew roses. #864 PECK Occupational surname for someone who dealt in pekkesa medieval measure of dry goods equal to 28 pounds. Powell, Kimberly. #728 HENSON Son of Henry. There . Surname Origin Italian Last Names Italian Last Names Abate Abato Abbruzzese Abela Abella Abramo Abruzzese Abruzzo Accardi Accardo Accetta Accomando Accordino Aceto Achille Acierno Acquaviva Acquisto Acri Adami Adamo Addonizio Adduci Means valor, courage. #448 TRUJILLO Family from the city of Trujillo, Spain. #305 HOLLAND From the Netherlands/Holland. Baby names are an important cultural tradition across the world, and have been for thousands of years. #904 COSTA Someone from the coast or a bank of a river. The first thing to understand about the patrilineal surnames commonly used in the United States is that they are not universal. I also have a Ph.D. in English and have written more than 4,000 articles for regional and national publications. Powell, Kimberly. The look and structure of the American family has transformed to include more queer couples, more unmarried couples, and more racially diverse couples, all of whom seem less attached to patrilineal surnames. #848 CONRAD Brave counsel. #578 FLOWERS Occupational surname for someone who works flowers like a gardener or with a bow & arrow. #244 VALDEZ Son of Valdo/Waldo. . #546 BROCK Badger or mischievous person. #917 HALEY From the hay clearing. Ireland,limerick image by AGITA LEIMANE from, Ireland,limerick image by AGITA LEIMANE from, Copyright 2023 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. #249 MALDONADO Ill-favored. Edel Quinn), Reese (for any of the Sts. Carina. #798 STOUT Bold one. #141 HARRISON Son of harry. Find out where your family name is from, what your ancestors did for a living, and who they were, using records. #821 LIVINGSTON From the town founded by Leving (given name). Literally means black. English, Scottish, German, Irish, Scandanavian. Three decades later, it was about 20 percent. Im going to go out on a limb and say Im not sure those are common conversations, she told me. Aiden is Catholic, Adam is Protestant. #587 WEISS German surname element meaning fair hair or pale complected. #605 ROBERSON Son of Robert. #937 FRYE Born free. Andrysiak This patronymic polish surname refers to 'Son of Andrzej.' Even in the U.S. and the United Kingdom, patrilineal surnames are a surprisingly new convention. #720 AHMED Muslim surname meaning extremely praiseworthy. #278 McCOY Anglicized form of a Scottish surname meaning son of Aodh. #5 JONES - From the family of Jon/John. #888 MAGANA Habitational name from either of the villages named Magaa, in Soria and Crdoba provinces in Spain. #840 RANDOLPH Shield Wolf. #838 HICKMAN Occupational surname for a servant of a man called Hick. #411 LIU Chinese surnmae meaning to kill, destroy. #169 HUNT Hunter. #961 OCONNELL Descendant of Conaill. #825 KNAPP Hilltop. #14 WILSON Son of William. To search, press CTRL-F on a PC, or -F on a Mac, then enter your last name. #785 BERGER Either Swedish surname for someone who lived near a hill or mountain, or French for a shepherd (Bergere). Read: The gender researchers guide to an equal marriage. #44 BAKER Occupational surname for family of a baker. From Old English word, burna. Grain, wood, etc. 0.00%, or 0 total occurrences, were "Non-Hispanic American Indian and Alaskan Native". #297 SCHULTZ Occupational surname for a judge or mayor. #836 HEBERT Illustrious soldier. In fact, data from a Census Bureau study reveals that the number of Hispanic surnames in the top 25 doubled between 1990 and 2000. #374 WOLFE Wolf or Wolf-like. Straight, married couples in the U.S. still almost always give kids the fathers last name. #902 POTTS Family of Philpott, an early form of the name Phillip. #592 HOUSTON From Hughs town. #243 WHEELER Occupational surname for a person who made wagon wheels. #523 MUELLER German occupational surname for a miller or one who works in a mill. #540 ZAMORA Family from the ancient city of Zamora in North West Spain. #97 LONG Surname from a nickname for someone who was tall. Unknown meaning. #151 FREEMAN A person who was not owned or ruled by another. #372 BUSH Lives near the bush or thicket. #168 MUOZ Son of Muo, a personal name that means hill. #880 MAYER Occupational surname for a mayor of a village or town. Infoplease knows the value of having sources you can trust. #945 JARAMILLO Spanish Habitatonal surname for someone from the south of Castilla, Spain, literally referring to a jaramago tree. #283 WEBER German occupational surname for a weaver. #852 FITZPATRICK Son of Patrick #799 LOWERY Family of Lawrence. #383 PAGE English occupational surname for a page. (Hernndez Grande said that, as an adult, she managed to get the license corrected. #464 CASTANEDA Literally translates to chestnut, and might have been used to describe a person with reddish-brown hair or worked a chestnut grove. Given names become even more significant in the patronymic system, as in Scandinavia, where the given name of the father becomes the surname of . #152 WEBB Occupational surname from the name webber, meaning weaver. v bozeman and chadwick boseman, victoria advocate death notices, what is uscis lee's summit production facility,

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